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issues in our tissues

Both the Indian yogis and the Daoist yogis in China noticed a correlation between particular emotions and certain areas of the body: fear is centered in the kidneys, anger in the liver, worry in the stomach, fright in the heart and grief in the lungs. These associations make a lot of intuitive sense even to us Westerners. When we grieve our lungs go into spasm (called crying); when we are frightened suddenly our heart skips a beat (or we suffer a heart attack and become “frightened to death!”); when we fret the rate of ulcers rises;[1] when our liver becomes damaged we may subject our loved ones to bouts of extreme rage (as most families of alcoholics are only too aware); and when we are afraid our adrenal glands activate readying us to run away or fight that which confronts us. Fortunately, we are also beneficiaries of positive emotions as well: the home for beauty is in the lungs; joy in the heart; creativity in the stomach; kindness in the liver; and wisdom in the kidneys.
Poses in yoga work the body physically and energetically, stimulating the meridian lines that correspond to the major organs of the body and sometimes eliciting strong emotional responses. In the example of the woman who experienced fear while she was in Straddle Pose, she may have created a deep stress along the inner thighs, the adductor muscle group, through which the liver and kidney meridians run. This stress may be sufficient to trigger an emotional response if there is some blockage psychically or emotionally in the pertaining organs of the liver and kidneys.
Regardless of the cause of the emotional response, the prescription is the same: awareness with dispassion. Watch what is occurring without trying to change it, without running away from it, without giving into it in despair or resignation. Of course, as we have already discussed, if you really feel you are past your edge and are too deeply into an emotional state, then back off! But if the emotions are just challenging, not dangerous, stay and observe the raw experience that is occurring. This is when something interesting is about to happen. Don’t miss it!

Ask yourself constantly, “What is this?”

Note the emotions and the associated physical sensations in detail to yourself: what are you feeling, what is your breath like, your heart rate, is there increased tension in your jaw, shoulders, neck? For example, if you are feeling fear, notice what fear feels like: “my breath is shorter and choppy; my shoulders are tense; my thoughts are foggy and I can’t focus.”
Don’t judge these sensations as good or bad and don’t try to change them; just observe them as they are. If you would like to work more deeply with these feelings check out the exercise described in YinSights called A.W.A.K.E.N. It is based on cognitive behavioral therapy where a similar program is offered to help people cope with anxieties, phobias, and debilitating fears.
To sum up, when a strong emotion arises in the middle of a yoga practice pay attention to it. If it is too strong, back off and perhaps even stop the practice for that day. If this continues to happen to the degree that you can no longer practice skillfully, then seek help from a qualified yoga teacher or counseling. However, if the emotions are challenging but not dangerous, use this opportunity to take your yoga practice to a new level: play the edge of the emotion without going over the edge. Start to observe what is actually occurring, without adding anything to the experience and without taking anything away from it.
One last thought, and for this I will quote Rod Stryker: “If you have never laughed or cried in a yoga class, what are you waiting for?”

source: elephant journal

Ασθένειες του χαρακτήρα....

Ξεκινήστε την παρακολούθηση των σκέψεων σας . Αφιερώστε πέντε λεπτά κάθε βράδυ γράφοντας πώς αισθανθήκατε εκείνη την ημέρα. Θυμηθείτε τις καταστάσεις που αντιμετωπίσατε και τα συναισθήματα που νιώσατε. Ποια αρνητικά χαρακτηριστικά του χαρακτήρα αποκαλύψατε; Τι σκοπεύετε να κάνετε αύριο ώστε να αρχίσετε να βελτιώνετε τον εαυτό σας και να αλλάξετε τα συγκεκριμένα γνωρίσματα του χαρακτήρα; Είναι πολύ σημαντικό να γράψετε τα πάντα. Προσπαθήστε να σκέφτεστε περισσότερο πράγματα που σας κάνουν ευτυχισμένο. Αυτό είναι το θαύμα της θετικής σκέψης. Όταν επικεντρωθεί σε πράγματα που σας αρέσουν, είναι σαν να προχωρείτε σε μια διαφορετική συχνότητα δονήσεων, και το σώμα αρχίζει να θεραπεύει τον εαυτό του. Ακόμα καλύτερα, θα υπάρξει ένας μεγαλύτερος αριθμός καλών πραγμάτων στη ζωή σας, γιατί ό, τι σκέφτεστε γίνεται πραγματικότητα, καθώς και τα προβλήματα που σας ενοχλούν. Επικεντρωθείτε σε πράγματα που μπορείτε να απολαύσετε και παρακολουθήστε πώς όλα αρχίζουν να αλλάζουν.
Δοκιμάστε το διαλογισμό. Κατά τη διάρκεια του διαλογισμού, το σώμα και το μυαλό ηρεμεί και θεραπεύει τον εαυτό του. Η ασθένεια είναι απλά ένα σήμα του σώματός μας για έναν λανθασμένο (ή, μάλλον, μη ευεργετικό) τρόπο ζωής. Πρώτον, εκδηλώνεται ως άγχος, φόβος, και αρνητικές σκέψεις. Μόνο τότε, εφόσον δεν γίνεται καμία προσπάθεια να εργαστεί για τον εαυτό του, το σώμα στέλνει ένα πιο ισχυρό σήμα για να κινήσει την προσοχή σας και να σας κάνει να σκεφτείτε τι κάνετε λάθος, με τη μορφή των φυσικών συμπτωμάτων. Αφήστε μόνο τα χρήσιμα και σημαντικά πράγματα στη ζωή σας. Γιατί ό, τι είναι χρήσιμο για σας είναι πάντα χρήσιμο και για τους άλλους.

Things to remember

Remember you are exactly where you need to be right now.
It may not seem like it, but the entire Universe has orchestrated itself to create your life where it is right now.  It may not be where you want to be right now, but sometimes you have to go through a bit of bramble to get to the clover field.
So when you feel like you’ve failed or that you’ll never reach your goals, remind yourself that the Universe didn’t say no, it just said not yet. Continually remind yourself that you are in the perfect place right now, and continue moving forward in faith.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.
You don’t have to beat yourself up over not “getting there” fast enough, or as fast as the people you wish to be like. As long as you can come away at the end of the day knowing you gave it your all, that’s all anyone can truly do.  Your light is shining, no matter how small the flame.  Even if your flame is the smallest in the world, it will still cut through the darkest night.
You could even think of a flower garden.  Each flower blooms at it’s own pace and shows it’s unique beauty as it does so.  Continue reaching for the light, allowing yourself to be nurtured.  Much like the flower, your life will come into bloom as well.

You deserve your own unconditional love and forgiveness.
“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”- Max Ehrmann
Begrudging yourself or holding on to negative thoughts about yourself will not bring you justice – the grief and pain will only end up affecting you.
Let go of the bitterness and resentment towards yourself or your situation. Let go of the negative feelings and remove the focus and attention to the unwanted. Forgiving yourself for making a mistake and allowing yourself to “love YOU no matter what” is wonderful. It will lead you to even more positive feelings of understanding, compassion and empathy, allowing you to grow into a better experience.

There’s always a solution, keep looking!
Sometimes you might feel like you’ve reached the end of the road. Lucky for you, there’s always a small dirt path called faith that you can continue to follow when times get tough.
Follow a path of positive faith and just watch new solutions appear. It may be a simple solution, and it may only be a part of the solution that you need to put together. The puzzle pieces are always there – it’s up to you to put the picture in place.
The only comparing and competing you should be doing is with yourself.
As mentioned multiple times throughout this article, there’s no need to try to compete or catch up with those who are in your field.  Be the best version of YOU.  Be the change you want to see in YOURSELF.  Allow the future vision of YOU to be your hero.
You can’t always change things, but you can ALWAYS change the way you look at things.
The present moment was created as a collective manifestation of your past thoughts, words and actions.  Sometimes, this can be so tough that you may feel like you’re not good enough to get through it, and if you’re reflecting on the reality that you’ve created, it may even make you feel like you’re not good enough to handle your co-creative ability.
The bottom line is that times can get tough – but there’s nothing wrong with believing you’re tougher.  Because when you believe you ARE good enough to create the life you desire, and you believe that YOU ARE good enough to make it through any situation.  When this happens, the way you look at things suddenly change, and before you know it, your reality positively changes with it.

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Sarah Harvey, I had to be broken so I could meet you.

I had to be broken so I could meet you.
Because being broken made me courageous.
And I needed to be brave enough to show you my flaws,
Which are actually the things you love the most.
And you needed to be brave enough to show me your flaws,
Which are actually the things I love the most.

I had to be broken so I could meet you.
Because brokenness made me real.
You had to be broken so you could meet me.
Because brokenness made you real.
And, what we both wanted
More than anything
Was to be

Πέμπτη, 4 Ιουνίου 2015

Μικρές αγγελίες

Εν μέρει για να ξεχαστώ,
εν μέρει την ώρα να περάσω,
την νύχτα χθες περιδιάβαινα
ιστοσελίδες με αγγελίες γνωριμιών.
Άφθονες προσδοκίες, ευσεβείς πόθοι, υποσχέσεις,
έρωτες με αύριο ή χωρίς.

Κι αφού θαύμασα τη μοναξιά του κόσμου,
καθώς και τη δική μου,
πως γίνεται όλοι να ζούμε και να αναπνέουμε τις ίδιες επιθυμίες
και τους  ίδιους φόβους,
και να φοβόμαστε να τους ομολογήσουμε;  
θα ξαναγύριζα στη σιωπή μου,
αν δεν ψυχανεμιζόμουν ότι κάπου εδώ κοντά
κι εσύ τριγυρίζεις.....

A, να, ήρθες συ με την αόριστη 
γοητεία σου. Στην ιστορία του μέλλοντος ούτε
μια γραμμή δεν θα βρίσκεται μια σένα και για  μένα,
κ’ έτσι πιο ελεύθερα μάς έπλασα μες στον νου μου.
Η τέχνη μου στο πρόσωπό σου δίνει 
μιαν ονειρώδη συμπαθητική εμορφιά.
Και τόσο πλήρως σε φαντάσθηκα,
που χθες την νύχτα αργά, καθώς  παραδινόμουνα
στην αγκαλιά του Ορφέως—
εθάρρεψα που μπήκες μες στην κάμαρά μου,
με φάνηκε που εμπρός μου στάθηκες· 
χλωμή και κουρασμένη, ιδεώδης εν τη λύπη σου,
Αρχάγγελος χωρίς σπαθί.
Κι ύστερα ξύπνησα. 

ΥΓ. Πατώντας πάνω στο "Καισαρίων" του Καβάφη